How to Add Borders to Images with CSS

Sometimes, a website design benefits when images have frames – or borders. One way to get them is one image at a time, using a graphics program. But there is a much faster way – with CSS!

This code:

<img src="image.jpg" width="350px" height="262px" 
alt="Rusty Stove in Luckenbach, Texas">

inserts a plain image into your page:

And if we add this to our CSS:

img {
border-color: #7d6b72;
border-style: solid;
border-width: 5px;

Then our image appears like this:

Actually, I would use shortcuts and write my CSS like this:

img {
border: 5px solid #7d6b72;


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  1. I;m seriously in love with CSS, it’s magical! I love adding borders to images, great post.

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  3. Jendel says:

    Simple and Easy to Understand thanks a lot =)