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10 Years of CSSTutorial!

January 9, 2015


It has been over ten years since I launched way back in 2004 – time flies!

Time for a new Skin!

I’ve been so busy with other projects, that I haven’t had the chance to update the look and feel of the site for a long while. No worries though, the information is all good, since CSS hasn’t changed.

New courses, videos and soon a new site skin.

Now that I’ve got Webmentor and Studioweb up and running, time is freeing up to start working on the long needed update to this website. I can’t say for certain when it will be out (new courses take priority,) but nonetheless, it will be out soon enough.

Besides that, I will start posting new articles, tips and videos on CSS. I have most of the basics already covered but there are still some CSS3 techniques to get into and perhaps a few other refinements here and there.

Thanks for reading!
Stefan Mischook