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Tips on Learning CSS

June 6, 2014

I had a student recently ask about the learning process in CSS, specifically she was concerned about the occasional steep learning curve in some aspects of the language. My answer: CSS can be challenging in the beginning …. it is not the most intuitive language and I’ve been personally critical of it for many years. […]

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How to Teach CSS Effectively

April 26, 2014

Hi! This blog post is for teachers teaching web design and programming … but if you are learning HTML and CSS (or any other language) many of these tips will be helpful to you too. Let’s start with a teaser: 1. Start with an Easy Language: Don’t use hard to understand languages like Java, C#, C++ […]

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CSS and Web Design Certification

February 25, 2014



Some of you may know that the Studioweb training system is now being used by community colleges, K12 schools and career centers in the US and Canada to train and certify students in CSS, HTML, JavaScript and PHP.

We are now offering to same training and certification for the public at

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CSS Learning System for Educators

May 21, 2013



I am just going to be doing a little self promotion in this blog post … it happens once in a while!

Teaching CSS, Web Design and Programming Made Simple:

For teachers who are going to be teaching web design, I just released a new video training system designed to help educators teach HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL, JavaScript and other basic web design subjects:

What makes this system interesting is what it does for teachers:

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