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CSS Learning System for Educators

May 21, 2013



I am just going to be doing a little self promotion in this blog post … it happens once in a while!

Teaching CSS, Web Design and Programming Made Simple:

For teachers who are going to be teaching web design, I just released a new video training system designed to help educators teach HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL, JavaScript and other basic web design subjects:

What makes this system interesting is what it does for teachers:

  • Easily track student progress through an easy to read spreadsheet-like layout. Quickly look over your classes to see where students are in the courses.
  • View student profiles to get a detailed view of your student’s progress: see scores and the badges the student has earned.
  • Structured courses and lessons created by experienced educators.

If you are interested, feel free to contact me if you have questions:


Stefan Mischook