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Middle School Web Design Course that Teaches Actual Code

August 4, 2017

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A teacher called yesterday, looking for a web design course that teaches actual code. Like other teachers I’ve spoken to, she understood that dragging around blocks on screen, where the app writes the code for the student, is not the same as the student actually writing the code themselves!

The fallacy of many code courses

So many code courses fallback on the misguided practice of using block-based teaching apps. The fallacy is that you can learn to code, without writing code! Any coder will tell you that this just doesn’t work.

As the teacher observed herself, with these systems, students quickly get bored, and just follow a predictable pattern to complete the ‘lessons’. In the end, they don’t really learn much.

Teaching code with coding – the StudioWeb way

What we’ve seen over the last 7 years, is that students learn to code quickly, by writing actual code. As students write in the coding languages of web design (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), they make and correct mistakes, get instant feedback from the StudioWeb app … and voila, students learn to code!

Student motivation and engagement

Nothing motivates a student like seeing their code produce actual real-world results. Any teacher knows that! With the StudioWeb web design curriculum, your students interest levels will skyrocket, as they quickly see their code magically transform into websites that flex and flow on smartphones, and giant 4k displays.

… Web developers call that ‘responsive’ design, and your students will learn those marketable skills with StudioWeb.


Stefan Mischook