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The Killersites Community – A Great Web Design Resource!

November 8, 2010

Killersites Forum Community
Hey Everyone,

I was looking at the Killersites Forum Community the other day and I was reminded of how valuable a resource it is! There are so many great posts and discussions that answer important questions, I figured it was time to give it some press.

For those of you who don’t know, our growing forum of over 20 000 posts and 15 000 members, covers a wide variety of topics concerning web design and programming. It’s a powerful tool to get support and answers to all your questions from a large community of web design and programming professionals. With a community so vast, you usually get answers within a couple of hours of posting!

Needless to say, whether you are completely new to web design, starting a website for your small business or a seasoned web professional, the Killersites Forum Community has a lot to offer. Joining of course is free, you can register here.

In fact, very soon we will be starting a blog series on various forum posts and discussions, in the Killersites Web Magazine!