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June 6, 2014

inserting images with css

I had a student recently ask about the learning process in CSS, specifically she was concerned about the occasional steep learning curve in some aspects of the language.

My answer:

CSS can be challenging in the beginning …. it is not the most intuitive language and I’ve been personally critical of it for many years. So don’t worry too much if it is giving you headaches … join the party!

… That said, just take your time and plug away at it … it will come.

The fundamental problem with CSS (I think) was that is was designed as a language to style PAGES and not application interfaces. Today most websites are pretty much applications and not text documents – in a structural sense. This mismatch between CSS and the reality of what a website really is today, I think is a major reason for the confusion with CSS.

CSS3 addresses many issues that regard but we as web developers/designers still have to contend with that basic issue. What can you do … !


If I just confused you with that above, don’t worry about it. I was jumping into major nerd theory. The next paragraph is the only thing you need to remember in this article:

You cannot learn everything and you won’t remember everything that you learned. As long as you come away with the basic principles (of CSS) you are good.

So don’t get discouraged as you learn CSS – sometimes it’s a pain.

Stefan Mischook